Saturday, January 1, 2011

Happy New Year!

That's an original title, I bet I'm the first blogger to use that one. If I can call myself a blogger, it's been 2 months since I blogged any running.

A quick catch up about the last 2 months

I cut back my running to casual, easy running since October, my last race was the Band on the Run 2 mile. I felt I needed a break from the training but wanted to keep a base and not miss the good running weather we've had. I ran 108 miles in October and 110 in November, no races, no speed work. Some good group runs at lunch and some runs with friends and Zach and the dogs. I picked it up a bit in December doing some longer runs and got my mileage back up to 133 miles. The weather has been really good for December running

In addition to the physical pains of training for a while without a break, I have also had problems with motivation for running, not so much the easy runs to keep a base, but no desire to do speed work or races or anything that pushes me beyond that comfort threshold. I've also had some issues in my professional life that have put running on the back shelf. Also spent the night in the emergency room on December 12th, I won't go into the details but will say that I'm fine and it's something I have been dealing with that is not running related, in fact I had a great 10 mile run the day after. One of those great to be alive type of runs.

I registered for the Moab half and got in, so now it's 2011 and I'm ready to start training for it. I decided to go on a 10 week training schedule starting Jan 3rd with a goal of a PR 1/2 marathon 1:31:16. That should motivate me. My weight is 156, so I've put on about 4 pounds with the cut back, not too bad. My base long run is 10 miles. I still have a few nagging issues, left hamstring, heel and right knee. I would like to get my weight down to 150 for Moab. I have been really lazy with my diet and cross training

I plan to blog my progress and see if it is possible to take this much time off and get back in half marathon shape in 10 weeks with winter training. I will fill in my Calendar below and post progress, setbacks and updates.

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