Monday, January 10, 2011

1st Week of January

First week of full training in 2011. Week 1 of the Moab 10.

Monday - Group run from the Y 8 of us, nice day. Ran with Andres and Bob to Wash Park and back. A bit up tempo the last mile.

Tuesday - Plan was to go to the track and do some 800's, at least 4. Warmer today with sun but the EHS Track was still snow covered though so we went to City Park to do half mile intervals on the road. But the road was frozen over and slick so we ended up just doing 5 around the park. Bob and I did some dry-spot intervals where we would run on the dry spots of the road at 400 pace as far as we could till it got slick again. We did this for about 2 miles and then had an easy mile back. 5 Miles

Wednesday - Yoga. First time in Yoga in about 6 weeks. Susan's class was packed. Good session, my muscles and back were cracking and popping. Felt good, but I'm out of Yoga shape even more than running shape.

Thursday - First Middle 3 since September, 3 months. Nice day in the 50's with sun. Short Sleeve running. First tempo run since October and it showed. 19:52 for the middle 3. My string of sub 19 middle 3's is over after 2 Years and 8 months, of course not running one for 3 months helped to extend the streak. 19:52 gives me a mark to improve upon. I would like to get in down under 19 by the end of February. I have definitely lost that speed edge and toughness, felt it in my lungs trying to push the pace. The road was icy in spots but I ran on the sidewalk on the way back which was pretty clear. Craig ran it also. I have a lot of work ahead of me...

Friday - City Park Duck Pond, easy 5 miles with the group. Nice weather but snow is heading back.

Saturday - Rest day, took the dogs for a walk and did stuff around the house. Nice day with a big snow storm coming tonight.

Sunday - Long run 10 Miles. I was going to go early and beat the snow, but when I got up the snow was already on the ground. So I waited. Zach was going to run a few with me, but he was tired from wrestling and staying up late. I should have gone about 10, but it was 12 before I left. By then it was snowing hard and blowing from the northeast. I took the dogs for a 2 mile run through the Smoky Hill fields and then dropped them at the house. I then ran an 8 mile loop through CC Park. A nice route, but the weather really turned on me. At 3 miles in, I stopped and got a drink and thought about turning back and making it an 8 mile day. I decided to tough it out and go on and finishing the loop. In hindsight that was the wrong decision. My pace was very slow due to the snow, even with yak trax and running to the north or east was very cold temperatures were in the 20's with a wind chill in the teens. I was dressed OK, except for my bare face which took a frosty beating. I pushed through the 10 and finished, I was freezing by the time I got home though. A real character builder run that one was or maybe stupid. I did burn more calories trudging through the snow.

34 Miles for the week in 5 days, with 1 tempo run and some speed. Long run of 10 in the snow.

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