Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Moab Training Week 5

Bitter Cold this Week for Denver, have to adjust my schedule and hit the treadmill some.

Monday - 7 Miles. Temperatures in the teens with blowing snow, icy roads and a wind chill below zero. So I did a 7 mile easy run at the Y on the treadmill, about an 8 minute pace. A typical Monday Wash Park Easy pace. Some of the other runners hit the treadmill or the track at the Y too. Didn't see anyone going outside. Like I told a co-worker Debbie. At some point common sense will take over.

Tuesday - Really cold today with a couple of inches of snow. Sub zero temps with windchill -20. Got to be the coldest day of the year (and coldest in the last several). Worked at home today, but went to the rec center for 800 intervals. Did 8X800 at a 3:03 pace with a 400 recovery - 3 minutes. I felt great and recovered well from the intervals. I felt like I could have done 10 today. Felt great after as I stretched at the rec center. Only negative was my shorts were old an the elastic was shot, so I had to keep pulling them up like every 100 meters when I was running hard. Annoying. Had older shoes but they were fine on the treadmill. Probably the best workout I've had in about 4 months or so. The 3 week training curve kicked in I think.

Wednesday - Yoga. Good Class, I was kind of tired and sore, had some problems with the balance poses and hamstring stretches especially on the left leg. Really cold out still, so good rest day.

Thursday - Schedule was for a middle 3 but with a snow storm and the cold temps, the route was frozen over, so Tom and I just went to wash park and back. I was still sore from Tuesday's treadmill intervals. 7 Miles

Friday - Golf Course 7. Ran the Golf Course route with Andre, Craig C and Matt. It was warmer and streets were clear but slushy for the most part. Paths were still snow packed though. Easy Run but messy.

Saturday - Rest Day. Zach's wrestling season is over, now on to track for him. I got a real rest day for a change, not sitting in the bleachers for 8 hours. Took the dogs out to the fields when it started snowing. Really snowed harder later. Went to King Soopers grocery shopping, that was a workout. Very crowded with the superbowl tomorrow.

Sunday - I had a long run scheduled, but we got about 5 inches of snow overnight and everything was snow packed. I ran an out and back 7 Mile to CC Park. I had my yak trax on but could not run a decent pace except in a few spots. I cut the route short, was scheduled for a 13 mile long run. 7 Miles in the snow.

Weekly Summary - 35 Miles, with 3 snow runs. 1 Speed workout on the treadmill.

Weekly Total Goal 41 Miles

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