Monday, February 28, 2011

Moab Training Week 9

Week 9 of Training begins with good weather and a hint of spring in the air... Came off a good week last week, can I make it two in a row?

Monday - Wash Park 7 Miles. 60 Degrees, nice day. Good recovery run from yesterday. Was not sore like I thought I might be, picked up the pace coming back with Andre and Tom. Last mile was a good clip. 7 Miles 55 Minutes

Tuesday Track 9X800 Intervals. Nice Day 60's with sun, no wind. Spring Track season is here. I did 8X800 on the track and then a 1/2 mile interval on the last half mile back to the Y. I felt better than last week. All but one interval was 3:00 or under, I lost focus on number 7 and ran a 3:06. Average was just under 3:00. So a good workout. Joined at the track by Chris, Craig C, Dave. Jeff and Bob did the mile high tempo loop.
8 Miles with 4.5 at speed.

Wednesday Yoga. Good,tough class sore from the track, left hamstring really tight.

Thursday Middle 3 Tempo
Ran the Middle 3 in 18:48. Huge improvement over last week and best this year by over 30 seconds. Starting to feel the training kick in. 4 traffic stops helped a lot. Pete ran the middle 2 and pushed me up the hill for the first mile around 6:20.

Friday 7.5 Easy
Ran from home today, since I worked at home due to a doctors appointment. I did a loop through CC Park at the same time as the group run. Just me though. Ran easy, similar route to the long run but cut in half turned right instead of left at the first bathroom. Ran 7.5 at an easy pace.

Saturday Rest

Sunday 15 Long Run
Ran the same long run as the previous week. Solo this time. Much slower without Bob and Matt to pull me along. Also my heart wasn't into it, I went to a Creyton's birthday the night before and celebrated a bit both diet and beverages. I felt so sluggish. I almost cut it short to 7 miles but decided to grind it out for the 15 regardless of the pace. I ran it in 2:15:53. 12 minutes slower for the same route, about 50 seconds per mile on average.

Weekly totals 44.5 Miles with 2 speed workouts and a 15 Mile long run

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