Monday, February 21, 2011

Moab Training Week 8

Wow, week 8 already. Time does fly. Less than 4 weeks to go. I really need to push these next 3 weeks. 44 Miles planned for this week.

Monday - Wash Park 7 mile run with Andre and Craig C. Small group due to the presidential day holiday. Ran slow and easy, took almost an hour for the 7 mile out and back to Wash Park. Good recovery run from yesterdays "tempo" run. Weighed in at 156 today at the Y, dropped a couple of pounds which is a good sign. A pound a week till Moab would be ideal.

Tuesday - EHS Track Intervals - 8x800.
Nice day in the 50's. Ran to the track. Good group Tom, Craig, Jeff, Dave, Pete C. Most of them did 4 800's and left. Nice day, sunny, in the 50's only a slight breeze. I felt good, rested. Some left heel pain and some left calf tightness on the last couple. I ran pretty smooth, tried to relax. Goal was 3 minutes. I did 4 over and 4 under goal. My last one was the fasted 2:57. #7 Was the slowest 3:05. (304,300,259,300,304,303,305,257). Ran back solo, easy.

8 Miles with 4 Miles of Speed work

Wednesday Rest/Yoga - 6 consecutive running days, needed a rest day for sure. Tough Yoga class, sore muscles from the track.

Thursday - Middle 3 - Ran the 7 Mile Middle 3 Tempo run. Did the middle 3 in 19:33. Disappointed in that it was slower than last week and my goal was sub-19 by the end of February. I was the only middle 3 runner today. Pete C did the middle 2 and hung with me the first mile which was around 6:35. No traffic stops on the way out and some soreness from the track workout on Tuesday. That's why we train I guess. Matt, Craig M and Jeff went around wash park and ran back with us. Craig C and Dave went around the park slower. Alicia ran with us to the start and then did an interval workout.

Friday - 7 Miles Golf Course Recovery Run.
Ran the 7 Mile Golf Course run with Andre and Bob. Cold with some snow in the morning, but only wet by lunch. Good recovery run. Felt good

Saturday Rest Day

Sunday - 15 Mile Long Run
Ran a 15 Mile Cherry Creek Park Loop with Matt and Bob, who met at my house in the morning. We left about 10. Cloudy day but temperatures in the 40's and no wind. It was Matt's 32nd birthday. Great run. 15 miles at a good long run pace for me with hills and trails and concrete. They helped push the pace. Up to 9 miles I was holding an 8 minute pace comfortably, then started to fade some and struggled on the hills the last 3 miles. Matt attacked every hill and was really strong, Bob also attacked most of the hills and is in great shape.

15 Miles 2:03:56

Weekly Summary - Great week for training. 5 Days 44 Miles with 2 Speed workouts and a 15 mile long run.

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