Friday, March 11, 2011

Moab Training Week 10

Final Week of Moab Training. Starts off very cold on Monday/Tuesday

Monday - Wash Park 7 Miles. Ran the wash park route at lunch with Andre and Tom. It was really code, in the 20's but humid, so it felt colder. Good Recovery run

Tuesday - Took a rest day. It was cold/snow. I had some stuff going on with work and decided to skip the workout. Was scheduled to do 10X800. I want to to a 9.5 mile tempo run on Thursday so I should be fresh for it.

Wednesday - Cross Train. I skipped Yoga and stretched, rowed and rode the bike instead.

Thursday - Wash Park 9.5 Mile tempo run. I left early, just me about 11:45 hoping to go around wash park and maybe run back with the group the last couple of miles. As it turns out everyone did something different today and I saw Matt coming back around the country club, Pete and Tom on the east side of wash park followed by Craig C. Then when I got to Alameda I saw Pete and Alicia coming out, so I ran about a half mile easy with Alicia down to Speer and then Pete and I got back to my pace which was around 7:30 to Colfax. I picked it up a notch and caught Craig C about 2 blocks from the Y. I was feeling good the last 3 1/2 miles from Speer on in. Gave me some confidence for the half next week after last Sunday's long run. Really nice day, sunny and in the 60's.
I ran it in 1:13 with a couple easy 1/2 miles tossed in. My Garmin could not synch to the satellites for the first half mile.

Friday - City Park Duck Pond. Ran the 5 mile duck pond route with Pete, Andre went long and Bob did two mile high loops. I was a bit sore from yesterday, so good recovery pace. 5 Miles 41 minutes. Last day of work. Might not be running downtown for a while.

Saturday - Rest

Sunday - 5 Miles Out and Back to CC Park, some up tempo, strong finish. Meant to go harder but eased back. 41 Minutes

Weekly Summary - 4 Days, 26.5 Miles 1 medium distance Tempo Run.

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