Monday, February 14, 2011

Moab Training Week 7

Week 7 - Less than 5 weeks to go before Moab.
Started the week off sore, very sore in the right calf area. Ice, heat and massage last night but still sore. Memories of 2008/2009 when I had lots of calf issues.

Monday - Cross Train due to calf soreness. Biked and Rowed. Spent a half hour stretching and massaging the calf. Used the foam rollers too. 30 Minutes of Cardio. Felt better after. That night I massaged, rolled, iced and heated it, got lots of rest and took some Advil.

Tuesday - Calf felt 200% better, some tightness, no pain. I did a track workout. Went there first to test it out and did a 400 and an 800, loosened up after the 800, so I ended up doing 4X800 and 2X400. The 800's were a bit slower than my target 3:00 . The last 400 was fast 85. Nice day in the 60's, good crowd at the track but no major workouts. Alicia dropped ran with us but just did laps around the track. Haven't seen her in a while. I was scheduled to do 10X800 today, with the calf I backed way off but not sure I would have completed that workout anyway.

6.5 Miles with 2.5 Miles of Speed.

Wednesday - Yoga. Rowed and stretched and then did an hour of Yoga with Susan. Calf was sore from the speed work and hamstrings and hips. Good yoga class.

Thursday - Middle 3 - 19:24. Ran the middle 3 with Tom, Jeff and Craig. It was near 50 with some wind but good conditions. 1 Traffic stop. The calf felt good doing the tempo 3 but then it was tight running back to the Y after a recovery rest. Some progress but not sub 19 which was my goal by mid February.

7 Miles with 3 at tempo.

Friday - Ran the duck pond with Andre 5 miles easy just us. nice temps in the 50's, sun, no wind. Good recovery run, found out Abbey from our somewhat pickled relay team has been battling Liver cancer since the fall Good luck Abbey we are with you.

5 miles easy

Saturday - Ran 4 miles easy with the dogs around the neighborhood and the high school fields. Pretty nice day, sunny. Easy slow pace.

Sunday - The goal was a 10 mile tempo run close to half marathon pace. 7:15ish would be ideal. Did not achieve it, not even close. It was very windy, with a head wind going out and cross winds much of the way. My fastest mile pace was about 7:30 with a tail wind. Head wind dropped it by a minute to 8:30. The last couple of miles uphill were really slow, my legs were dead. So with 4 weeks before Moab things are not looking good, but I will continue to push over the next 3 weeks to see how this training plays out.

10 Miles 1:21:43 Garmin Watch Data for Run

Weekly Summary - 5 Days, 32.5 Miles with 2 Speed Workouts and 1 Longer Distance Tempo Run

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