Friday, October 29, 2010

State Cross Country Course

I went out to the State Cross Country Course to help set up the course today. After we helped with setting up the cones. I ran the course and helped by marking the KM markers and the mile markers along the course using my Garmin. Gina folowed me in the car with the signs. I put my Garmin in metric mode for the KM markers and then used the mile auto lap to mark the miles. The KM markers required by CHSSA were small and quick to put in. The mile markers were big runners roost signs requiring 2 fence posts to stablize, so we left the fence posts at the spots and came back later to mark them. Fun day. It got windy at the end of the day, the runners roost guy was afraid his signs might blow away, but we staked them good. I hope it's not windy tomorrow. I found out I am head course marshall for the meet and we are expecting about 15 volunteers. Should be a fun day.

Garmin Watch data for State Cross Country Course.

Unlike at pre state I ran the course correctly and came up with 3.09 on the Garmin for the 5K. They were setting up the finish line as I finished.

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