Sunday, October 10, 2010

10 Mile CC Park Run

10.5 Miles actually, a new route on familiar terrain. I figured it was close to 10. I ran from the house to the park over the trails to Butterfly Hill, then down by the pope hut and on the trail through the woods and up the hills back home. a 10.5 Mile loop.

It was a cool, rainy day. I started late about 10:40 since I did not have to worry about the heat. It was misting when I started and gradually increased the precipitation along the way to the point where it was raining just as I got home.

I ran easy and and enjoyed the run with the cool temperatures and the moisture. I was a bit sore from the two mile race yesterday, could feel my left leg hamstrings and heel, which are much better with my reduced mileage. I still have that nagging cough. Not sure what is up with that but I'm ready to be done with it now.

3 Running Friends ran the Chicago Marathon Today. Congrats to Jeff (3:12:57), Jonathan (from the somewhat pickled team) 3:06:32 and Erin 3:42:20.

Nice running.

Heartbreaking for Erin, she had a goal of 3:40 with a BQ in mind and missed it by 1:20. She was on Pace through the last 7k. She did take over 8 minutes off her last marathon and ran a great race. Great Job Erin, don't worry that BQ will be there keep running hard.

Only ran 4 Days, 23.5 miles this week.

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