Tuesday, October 5, 2010

EHS Track 4X800

Ran some intervals at the EHS Track today. 4X800 with a range of 2:50 to 2:57 with a couple of 2:52's in there.

It was a nice day, cooler, crisp with blue skies and sun. We (Tom Pete and I) were going to skip the track and just do a fun park run, but then we saw Craig C and he put a stop to that. It ended up being more of a social run though as we saw Scott on the way out coming back, then Matt the new dad (congrats on the baby boy Finn), then Craig M got there late and Bob B (fresh off the Boulder Marathon congrats Bob) then Alicia showed up at the end of the workout (back from Nationals in Alabama, Congrats on qulifying Alicia). Nobody did a real serious track workout, although Tom taunted us for taking long recovery laps.

We also ran into another running group on the way, invited them to the track but they passed for a City Park run. 6 of them, they were asking about Moab and a good spring half marathon.

Nice easy run back, I love running on days like this.

6 Miles with 2 miles of Speed.

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  1. Oh, and there you are, feeling better. Yay!!