Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Moab Training - Last Week

My 10 Week training program is at an end. All that is left to do is taper for an easy week and hit the race rested and reap the rewards for the last 10 weeks right? We shall see.

Monday - Ran 4 Miles from home with the dogs, easy run.

Tuesday - 4X400 Ran 400's at SHHS track after lunch. Ran them hard but full recovery took a second off each 400. 87,86,85,84. Did a mile and a half warm up and a mile and a half cool down including 1 mile with the dogs.
5 Miles with 1 speed.

Wednesday - Rest

Thursday - 4 Easy. Ran 1.75 with the dogs really easy, around the schools and fields. Then ran 7:30 pace for 2.25 up and down Crestline.

Friday - Travel to Moab

Saturday - Moab Half Marathon


  1. Mob Training? :)

    Was thinking about you, good luck at your race this weekend, will be a blast with all your friend. I am headed there the following weekend with the boys for some national park and mt. bike exploring for a few days. No running :(...but doing the next best thing.

    Good luck!

  2. Ha! Mob training, sometimes it feels like that. Sounds like a fun spring break with the boys. Bummer you can't run, but it's a great place to bike.