Sunday, May 20, 2012

Colfax Marathon Relay

I ran the Colfax Marathon Relay with a team of friends/co workers.  Darin, Raj, Jim and Carrie.
We were called the Crickets.  Because no-one would answer any questions about if we were running the relay or not.  Raj was the captain.

I ran the first leg, which was great, 6.5 miles total.  Nice early morning start on a sunny but cool day, in the 40's at the start.  Nice leg, 1 mile in the park, then 2.5 on Colfax down to the fire station at Speer and Colfax, through the fire station (very cool) and then 2 miles over to mile high on the Cherry Creek Bike Path, to Confluence park and then the about a mile on the Platte River Trail to mile high stadium.  Through the stadium and then exchange number one on the other side.

Cherry Crrek Trail about Mile 3
 Mile High Stadium near the 10k mark

I ran the 6.5 at my 10k pace, targeting sub 7, similar to the 5 mile Cherry Creek Sneak.  I felt good and did a little better than goal pace.  Ran the 6.5 in 45:00, just as I'd predicted.  I was very close to my 10K PR of 42:25 at the actual 10k mark which was just before mile high.

Our team did 3:34, came in 19th in our division which had over 250 teams.  Not bad given that most them only run a small amount.   Fun race, hung out a bit.  Also running were Jeff, Pete and Jill in the half and Bob in the full.  I saw him run through after the exchange, he was on a 7:45 pace and looked good, he held on for a 3:30:30.  Just 4 weeks after Boston.

Garmin Watch Data for Colfax Relay Leg 1

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